Guys, Since i have started playing I have been resting my palm on the bridge. I was just wondering whether this time of "anchoring" is good or bad. I read that anchoring is bad technique. But I think players such as Paul Gilbert and Michael Angelo anchor. << I think.

So is it good or bad?

Anchoring is bad, and covered in one of the stickies. Check that out, it explains it much better than I can.
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Despite anchoring being "bad" there are plenty of very technically proficient guitarists who do it.
I do that too, and it's only bad if you play with a floyd rose, because it detunes the strings if you press down too hard.

On the positive side, it reduces feedback and it's an useful damping technique. Of course, not everything needs to be damped.

I wouldn't be too worried about it.
It's bad, end of.

In addition to it being covered in Freepower's sticky there's a thousand threads on this already, use the search bar and have a read through them.

I'm locking this because honestly, there's nothing new to bring to the table that hasn't been done to death and we seem to have the same thread being posted every week.
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