So, I was sitting with my other guitarist a while ago, and we decided that we needed to try to come up with a cute acoustic love song. That being said, we went to work on a simple lovely piece.

Anyway, we came up with some ideas and I wanted to get some feedback on it.

The song is titled "Desert Rose". It currently has no vocals written, however, it does have two guitars figured out.

(My appologies for the MIDI, but I didn't have the resources to record it alone)

Please let me know if we achieved a cute feel as well as maintaining some decent composition. Also, do you feel we should add another verse or bridge? All comment appreciated.

Leave me a link for the C4C.

The link below will be to my profile here on UG.

"Desert Rose"
"This nightmare's gonna break me.
Please, Daylight, save me..."
I'm not sure if that's real guitar or not. Sometimes it sounds quite real, other times, not so much. The timing is about perfect (maybe too perfect at times?). Either way it sounds quite pleasant. It definitely could use some vocals, hard for me to say if it needs another verse or bridge without the vocals for me. Without vocals, it should not be longer. Of to a good start! Please review my music at this link:

Sounds great. It is actually quite hard to tell whether it's a real guitar playing or not. Definitely achieved the "cute" feel you were going for. Gotta track some vocals for this. I'd love to hear a version with real instruments and vocals. Very nice melodies.

Crit for crit?
The intro sounds a little like "Black Dress" by Kisschasy, and the verses sound like "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.

Anyway, the melodies are nice, basic chord progression throughout, chuck some lyrics over it and it shouldn't be hard to achieve what you're going for.

I dig the verse melodies moreso than the chorus melodies.

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