I use guitar Pro to write my songs, and theres an option to write a copyright down. I was just wondering how you should go about placing a copyright properly under your name? ive jsut written "Lyam Coe Music" under this tab as of now, but is that all i need to do? i know many artists copyright under their own labels (Emilie autumn and traitor records, Serj Tankian and Serjical Strike, The Rasmus and Dynasty etc.). so any pointers?
Actually, in the U.S. (as well as in almost any other country) it's not necessary to place copyright notice in order to enable copyright protection. Copyright is automatically obtained by an author upon creating the work (a song, in this case). Still, if you want to place a copyright notice it should consist of © symbol followed by the publication date and copyright owner's name (your name)

Speaking of labels - labels don't own copyrights. An author may transfer copyrights to a record label, but most commonly record labels own only related rights, including phonogram production, broadcasting etc.
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A cheap and solid way of doing it is to post a sealed envelope via the postal service, containing a CD of your recordings, to a trusted member of society like a doctor, policeman, or lawyer. Ask them not to open it but to keep it safe for you, so that if someone steals your songs you have the CD as evidence in court
you could also create a file on your computer with the recording and compress it to a .zip or whatever it is, and then upload it to http://myfreecopyright.com/ to register a free copyright and they will create a digital fingerprint of the file.

MyFreeCopyright.com provides a third-party, non-repudiation, registered dating of your original digital creation. By using this service, you publicly associate your digital copyright and defined rights to you.
Unless you have submitted a copyright to the legal governing body, at best you have creative protection of your piece, and legally, anyone who plagiarises your piece could very well get away with it. It's usually good to sign and date any works you create, upload them to somewhere that is distinctly yours or send an unopened email containing the works to yourself, and save them in a folder.

Also, websites like www.myfreecopyright.com provide another form of proof - however these do not give you All rights reserved creative license over the piece, and will only help you in the event you take it to court.
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