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So pit monkeys I ask you all the question.

Is this where you would have seen yourself 5 years ago?
For example, are you doing what you planned to do 5 years ago?

For me I thought I would have moved away from my home town, gone overseas and worked, and moved to some other big city..............................but due to a number of factors I am still living and working in my home town.

what are your thoughts?
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Hell no.
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I don't know if I expected to be where I am today, but I think the me from 5 years ago would like the 5 years older me. I'm happy with where I am and how I've changed.

Five years ago...hmm

Well I was going to go to Cambridge, marry my girlfriend, didn't really have any other plans. Neither happened in the end.

I wouldn't have thought I'd still be at uni, I wouldn't have thought that uni would be Southampton, I wouldn't have thought I'd be single and happy. Lots of other things have happened I wouldn't never have predicted.

I don't think I'd change anything
5 years ago i thought i'll still be as miserable as i was then n i was right
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I thought i'd have a life.

Now I have even less of a life :/
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Didn't really expect to have a girlfriend 5 years ago...
Wasn't planning to play guitar 5 years ago...3 years than thats a different matter...but since we're on 5, no
Didn't really think about university 5 years ago

So no....this is not where I would have seen myself 5 years ago
Yeah. I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do. Of course, every thing I've done thus far was with a purpose to get me to this point. I love it when a plan comes together.
hmmms, good question.

I was 15 then, so i was... In year 10/11 at school. I suppose i did not expect to be going into my third year studying English Literature. If anything i was hoping for that typical rock star career - as no doubt most were.

At that age i really wasn't planning towards a specific thing, i was more keen to develop the skills and abilities i had to make anything i wanted possible.

So am i doing what i planned? Well the things i honed have come into play, so i guess i'd have to say yes.

As for being happy? I'm not sad or depressed?
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5 years ago i thought I'd be studying Biology at college getting straight A's and being the front-man to a Maiden cover band.

Now, I'm studying Computer Games Design BTEC, getting barely pass grades and the bassist to a mediocre 80's hard rock cover band.

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I wasn't playing guitar/bass when I was twelve, and through music I was lead into studying performing arts at sixth form. And I definately wouldn't have predicted that, so no
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Now that i actually think about, i've never considered a future that was as little as 5 years ahead

I've always thought of endgame, wife, kids and so on. Yes, endgame.

As for where i expect to be in 5 years from now, i have no idea.
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Drinking and being a bum ?

yeah pretty much so.
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I'd be 11. Really into Linkin Park, Slipknot, and System of a Down. Now I play guitar and can play many of their songs. I think 11 year old me would be satisfied
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Nah, five years ago I figured I'd still be working in the same crappy call center day in, day out.
In the last five years I've been a campaign manager for two political candidates (who both won), and have made it halfway through a law degree.

Unexpected, but good.

You don't have to be crazy to post here, but it helps.

5 years ago, the future wasn't important because Counterstrike was.
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I didn't have any foresight five years ago.

This, considering I was only fourteen.
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A 13 year version of myself would probably think it was cool that I play guitar, but would also wonder why the fuck I listen to dance music and why I am not going to uni. And why I haven't got laid yet for that matter.
No. I thought I would go to college and make a shit ton of money

I dropped out and I have a fast food job
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The 12 year old me would probably be disappointed that I like pop/dance music more than rock music now.
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I don't know if I expected to be where I am today, but I think the me from 5 years ago would like the 5 years older me. I'm happy with where I am and how I've changed.

Took the words right out of my mouth. I love my life and everything is looking up for me, 5 years younger me couldn't ask for much more.
I don't think I even played guitar 5 years ago. Now I'm studying composition and looking to make a (Most likely horrible) living out of it.
In general I would have to say that I am doing what I had thought I would do five years in the future five years ago. I guess not all the specifics are exactly the same, but everything is pretty close - in university for something I enjoy learning about (physics), playing guitar (in a band), working a job I do not dislike (projectionist - actually, I've learned to enjoy my job), and reading a lot.

That being said, I did not expect to have almost NO free time. Where did it go...
Kind of. I always wanted to move here and do what I'm doing, but IDK if I'm where I expected to be in life.
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Five years ago I was about to start my 5 year uni degree. So I would have predicted I would have just graduated, and going to start a graduate job soon. Which is exactly what happened

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I always send little thoughts to myself that I have to remember when I'm older.
Like when I was in 2nd grade I told myself to remember how it was in 2nd grade when I was in 5th and stuff.
Mentally, my views on certain things have completely changed (but it's just because I'm more educated than I used to be). I mean as far as planning goes, I always wished that when I was younger I'd be in a band and I got that it seems.
Nothing serious though.
Five years ago? Five years ago I was working out the optimum way to build a tree house with my friends, screw foresight.
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Before:5 years ago, i started dating my ex. had only been in bands that did nothing serious with music.

Now: me and the girl i dated for 5 years broke up, im with a new girl, i have 2 bands that are both close to getting signed and touring. my musical style and interests have broadened. Im playing in a genre that i once considered bland and its the funnest band i have ever had!

sooo for sure, i never expected this.
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No idea. Never plan that far ahead.

But I wouldn't change anything, and I am very happy with how things have turned out.

Thanks for asking TS
Hell no. I didn't expect anything to be like this 5 years ago. Not that it's been bad, but now always too good either. I don't know I didnt have foresight as a 12 year old.
Sort of, but not quite. 5 years ago, I was just starting my A levels, with the aim to go on to uni to study forensic science.

Now, I've just finished uni with a 2:1 BSc Hons in Geology, planning to move out to Australia as soon as possible.
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