So, my two friends and I have just finished backpacking across Europe. We land in Heathrow at 20:00 and have a layover until 6:55 the next morning (this was when they said our plane left). Before this in Dublin one of them suggests we stay up all night to beat the jet lag. It sounds like a good idea because we could explore London and just sleep on the plane ride. By the time we get to the Terminal they are tired and don't want to do it anymore. Last day in Erope and I on the other hand was curious about London and spending all night in an airport was not appealing.

I ask around and find out there is a nightbus that goes to the airport from Piccadilly Circus. With this knowledge in hand, I tell my friends if for some reason I'm not back in time just leave my stuff in left luggage and I wasn't sure when I'll be back. I say if anything happens and I come back too late for them, I don't want them waiting and miss their flight. They agree and say there is no way they will miss the flight because of me. The only problem here is that both of them are the cautious types. By this I mean they wanted to get to our flight in Dublin four hours early. We've flown like six times on this trip and they still haven't realized airports never take four hours to get through.

I go down to the underground and buy my ticket. Long story short, I meet another backpacker trying to buy a ticket and this find out this is his first day in Europe. Ironic I know. He was a teacher in Bangkok and didn't have a place to stay that night. Nothing better to do, I tried to help him find a hostel only to find that every single place we went to was booked. We ended up just walking around, around Piccadilly Circus to Buckingham palace garden and then to Parliament where we just sat by the river and chilled. Couldn't have asked for a better last night in Europe.

We depart at like 4:30 and thus starts my strenuous adventure back. Turns out N9 isn't as easy to find as I thought. I ran around trying to find the stop, eventually finding it and realizing construction had changed the route. I even asked a local and he said it wasn't worth finding, just wait for the metro. No sleep, adrenaline, and nerves were taking a toll on me as I ran around and I ended up following the guys advice. The metro ride back I was thinking I could collect my luggage (thinking they had dropped it off) and maybe still make my flight. I got back at 6:30, ran to the terminal and found them standing there with my backpack, looking like they want to tear me to shreds.

One of them ends up cussing me out so the entire terminal can hear. Both of them look like they've been crying a bit. Knowing its not worth I keep my mouth shut and we rush to check in. We rush through everything, the whole process (getting our ticket, checking our baggage in, going through security) taking 20 minutes. By now it is 6:50 and this is when I find out our flight is at 7:55. They won't even tell us our freaking gate number until 6:55. The two them were freaked out because we weren't going to be at the gate an hour early.

Now they've calmed down a bit and say they thought I was dead (wtf, really?) and they were going to call the embassy. I realize how worried they were and I apologized and everything. Didn't do much. I didn't care to argue but this whole thing has left me a bit bitter.

tl;dr Lay over in London for 10 hours. Two friends stayed in airport, I went to wander around the city. Told them to leave my stuff in left luggage if I come back too late for them. Got back little late to hear them cussing a storm and probably forever mad at me. We made our flight with an hour to spare. What do you make of this?
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You lost me with the word "Strenuous".
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You were on time, you made it with an hour to spare, I don't see the problem
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don't travel with worriers.

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don't travel with worriers.

Completely agree. My travels have taught me this lesson the hard way.
well you knew you'd make your mates stress but decided it was ok because you wanted to satisfy your own curiosity, bit selfish but hey you didn't actually make them miss flights or anything, i usually turn up 20 mins before a flight myself, not the 15 hours they recommend
If you didn't get back when you said you should've, then they have a right to be angry, as they could've reasonably thought you were dead, or not coming back at the very least. But you did reach the terminal early and didn't miss your flight, so thats good.

You might just have some over reactive friends.
I hope you at least visited Soho in your travels. No end of bizarre things happening there, ranging transvestites to tramps doing magic.
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Where in London did you go out of interest? You should have come down my ends, I could have convinced you not to make this thread.
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It is obviously your fault TS. Don't be a bitch next time and come back earlier.
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