Hello fellow remixers
(If there is any of you here - I wasn't sure if this was the best place to put it, but UG doesn't really cater to this sort of thing understandably).

I was wondering what are the best sites to acquire free individual vocal tracks for use in remixes?

I occasionally use acappellas4u but it doesn't always have what I'm looking for/the tracks can be bad quality.

I just want to splice up some clean vox samples to muck around with really.


P.S I did searchbar, but searching vocal tracks or acapellas etc of course comes up with a lot of irrelevant results and I couldn't find anything
I don't remember the name of the site, but there's one where people put up guitar hero tracks which have the isolated vocals and what not, just google for that. Youtube is also a decent source of DIY vocal isolations; I've gotten a couple solid ones from YT users.