Hey guys, I've just downloaded the POD Farm software from the Line 6 website, and I was wondering if I could plug my guitar into my laptop and use pod farm to shape my tone, then play from my laptop speakers?

Also, could I use pod farm to get a tone then record through Reaper? I have USB, 3.5mm headphone and microphone sockets on my laptop.
should be able to. go to radio shack and just look for the jack that changes 3.5mm to whatever size a guitar input is. im not a tech. but i do know computers. and if your pc decides to msah up and freweze onnyou, then you might be screwed bro. good luck in your endeavor
I'm not sure if you can, pod farm is supposed to be used with an interface device (such as the Line 6 Toneport GX/UX1/UX2 etc etc), due to the way the licensing on the software/device works it throws a hissy fit if mine isn't plugged in. As far as I can find in the settings there's no option to set it use onboard sound, you HAVE to use the interface device.

Even if you could get Podfarm to make a tone, it'd sound awful, line in has terrible sound, is apparently bad for your PC, and has a massive buzz on it.
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Whenever I load up the software, it just says something along the lines of 'You do not have a device currently connected. Do you want to use POD Farm as if you had a device plugged in?' Then a drop-down menu with a list of Line 6 products.

And if the line in is bad for my laptop, what about using a USB slot? I don't want high quality recordings, just something to jam out with and maybe record some riff ideas in Reaper.
Yeah its just so if you want to choose a set up if you haven't currently got your device plugged in or you're just downloading the drivers/updating. It wont process audio unless you have the correct interface device.

I think USB would be fine, but all the same the software still would most likely refuse to cooperate, even the ones that do give the option to change to line in just come out with a horrible screaming noise.

The only thing possible to do is use your amp as a pre amp if it has a line out, then plug it into audacity with usb audio, which might not even work, and like I say sounds horrible, but handy for recording ideas all the same if it does work.
Just go spend $100 on a Pod Studio GX. It will fix your probs and save your computer from a world of hurt
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