If it was too much bass would i have to adjust the pickup nearest.the bridge? Or the one near the fretboard?
The best way for you to check the balance is to use the clean channel with a pretty high volume, without EQ or if you have a built-in EQ put everything at 12 o'clock.
Then play a few notes on the high E string with a pick, and pick pretty hard,
Then do the same on the low E string.
If you have too much bass, you can either lower the pickup on the bass side, or raise the pickup on the treble side until you get the same volume on both sides.
If you have too much treble, of course, do the opposite.
You want to get your pickups balanced with each other as well.

And BTW if your strings are old or rusty and you balance your pickup with them, when you restring your guitar you might need to balance the pickups again.
Adjust it if you want to. There is no objective rules or right way to go about it.
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