riders were approaching
from over the horizon
towards the guarded gates

these horsemen were blacker
then the deepest cavern
and brought death with them
like a childhood friend

they danced and sung
around the open fire pit
laughing as others cried

while the city sleeps
they plot future destruction
waiting for the perfect time

--and here i sit atop the mountain tall
gazing over the land of old
the city of life is but still tonight
recovering from stories told

these riders you see
were but no ordinary men
they came opposite divine

and if you wish to save your soul
you must leave me
far behind

far into the jungles of the amazon
deep into the wooded hills of ancient Babylon

through time and space i must escape
or else well loose this race
that ive been running for far too long


well ive been runnin for a hundred years now
been across a thousand galaxies
seen a million planets
but i still cant be free
these riders are always hauntin me

getting tired now my eyes are weary
looks like my guard is down, the sun has found its quarry
and your shape appears in my nightmares
holding a knife slitting me at the seams

how could you betray your only love my queen
how could you betray your king?