i bought a digitech rp 355 multi effects unit which came along with cubase le4 recording software.I run windows 7 & satisfy all required system requirements.When i try to launch cubase, windows reports some error.Is it not compatible?
When i try to launch cubase, windows reports some error

How precise. If you could actually quote maybe a word or two, someone might be able to help beyond throwing out generic tips like enabling compatibility mode.
I had the same problem with my copy of CuBase LE4 on XP. It's not some glitch caused by illegally downloading it, I legally obtained my copy alongside my RP500. Every time I'd plug in my pedal and CuBase at the same time, my computer would crash. I'd also like to know what's causing this, as I really wanna use it...
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even if i don't plug my product into my computer,cubase doesn't run.I don't get any specific error,except:"windows has stopped responding" error warning.help needed.
Have you tried the Steinberg Forum?

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