Hey I am just wondering if i would wreck the tube amp if i plugged the direct out of the line 6 into the input of the tube amp?

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well for starters it'll sound like shit.
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but thanks for the tip......i am about to go trade the tube amp for a les paul woooo! just wanted to make sure they were not compatible
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oh really? whys that?

I don't know the technical know-how of why it wouldn't sound good. But it has to do with the fact that a sound coming out of a line 6 direct out is going to be more "compressed" or something along those lines and doesn't represent a true guitar signal.

Again, I don't know the ins and outs of it, just that doing that will not sound good, period. lol
it's kinda difficult to explain the problem here but essentially you'd plugging a line output into an input that wasn't designed to take a line level signal.

you wouldn't do any damage but you wouldn't get very good results - for a start the direct output of the spider is meant to be sent direct into a recording input or a PA system that's going to record/amplify the sound exactly as it is, and if you send it through another amp the other amp is gonna alter that sound in a way that it wasn't meant to be altered.
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....wait your trading the tube amp for a lp and youre keeping the spider?

This + 1,000,000

Terrible idea. Just save up longer and sell the line 6 for the Les Paul. A Les Paul through a line 6 is "blargh."

As stated, a solid-state amp does NOT truely represent the guitar's tone, and makes it pointless to play a Les Paul through one.

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Line out into FX return on the valve amp would be your best shot at success. No idea how good it would sound though.

What valve amp is it? If it's anyway half decent, sell the Spider, keep the valve amp and buy the Les Paul to go through that. Buy yourself a decent effects unit down the track.
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