The most of their songs are in D standard, C standard and drop Bb. I do not think they have any songs in drop C.
uhm...well their stuff from "The Jester Race" until "Reroute To Remain" is in C standard tuning which can be transcribed into dropped C if you want - stuff before then is in D standard (correct me if I'm wrong but i think that's right). From "Soundtrack To Your Escape" onwards they use dropped Bb.
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D Standard is Dropped C with the C tuned up to a D, so do that then play all their older stuff?

this. with that being said, dropped Bb is C standard with a lowered 6th string. Why dropped C Miito, because I don't think IF have ever used that tuning?
Yeah, i know how to tune to C, i just cant tune to drop A# cause my guitar