i currently have a telecaster 72 deluxe, i tend to play alot of bnon jovi solos. just now i was bending the high e string and it snapped, could anyone recomend me some guitar strings / gauge sizes that will do me some justice?

thanks, Dean
Just use slightly heavier strings and check that there are no burrs on the bridge saddles or on the nut. If the string snapped at the machine head, chances are it's just that the string was old.
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I also vouch for Elixir strings. I personally use 10-52 for everything from e standard to c. But yeah, Elixir are top notch, cost a little bit more, but they make up for it with longevity.
How far did you bend the string? I routinely do semitone and tone bends without problems. I have never broken a string while playing, yet my son does it all the time. Perhaps you were bending a little more than the string was designed for???

Hello, dean5000v. I want to play a game. At the moment, you find yourself having to make a difficult decision concerning strings. You can either lose tone, sustain and durability for thin, more playable strings or sacrifice playability in favour of tone with thicker strings. Playability or tone, make you choice.


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Haha great post woffelz made me laugh, hi kg6_steven well I've had my strings on the guitar for six months and I was doing a full semitone bend so maybe this is why?
by "full semitone" do you mean 1 entire half step or 1 whole tone + a half step?

in any case the strings you want are a set of 13-56. I started out on 9s, but got sick of the thin tone. moved up to 11s, and thought well this is nice but I wonder if 13s would be nicer. My point is, you probably need to work up to 13s, because man theys hard to bend goin straight from 9s. Itll take a bit of work to get used to em, but man they blast. Its so worth the effort.
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Ernie Ball 10s are a good compromise. Not too hard to bend, not too thin-sounding.
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