What I'm needing:

Guitar body
6 string
Floyd routed (Schaller!)
25.5 inch scale
Black (in Florida, so finishing myself is not an option!)
$200 or under (I'm in America)
HxH or HSH routing

What I'm wanting:
Explorer, Rhoads, V, or similar styled body (metal, but not ridiculous, BC Rich type metal)
High Quality (not made of plywood, not going to arrive with cracks or chips)

Anyone know where I can order something like this?
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Edit: You won't find many finished bodies for that price if any and considering that you want it black, you might just do it yourself.

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Guitar fettish.com has a RR V style body in there clearance section for like $35 it is HH routed with the floyd route also. There is something wrong with the finish, but if your willing to refinish this should be no problem.
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Guess adding on another hundred and doing warmoth it is then...

What do I need to make sure of on a Warmoth body to make sure a Dragonfire neck fits?

(will post any dimensions necessary)
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