Hey, so I'm completely new to recording, I just went out and bought protools, an interface, and all that business. I was wondering though, do i install the protools software or the interface onto my computer first? or does it matter? any tips would be greatly appreciated, I'm just sitting here confused with my new toys right now.
The order of installation doesn't really matter. I'd suggest reading through the documentation that came with your new gear or see if the products' respective websites have getting started guides or something along those lines.
Whatever the proper order is, I did it backwards, and my computer and interface still work.

Normally, sticking in the CD is a better idea. It will tell you what to do, but dont remember if this is the Avid way of doing things.
Usually you want to install the software first. There could be a "driver" on it which communicates with the hardware. If you install the hardware before the software, the computer might search for the driver on the hard drive, but not find it because you did not install it yet.

Congratulations on your purchase. ProTools is a fine setup.