Just got another electric guitar today, it's a Stratocaster. I got it home and it was fine, after taking off the neck briefly and replacing the strings I began using it, but the guitar suddenly stopped working. No sound whatsoever, it's not a loose jack but inevitably something beyond my capabilities

I bought it off Ebay but it was fine earlier when I used it at the sellers house, I didn't get it in the post I collected it. Is it most likely a broken jack? I'm sought of useless when it comes to repairs, but hopefully it might be easy to fix? *fingers crossed*
It is most probably a bad solder which is fixed really easy. I had a few of those and the most common place is the input jack. You can check that easy by unscrewing it off gently and checking if there are 2 wires connected to it.

If they are both connected then it may be something deeper which I can´t help you since I don´t own a strat.

Also check if it´s not the amp or the cable you are using before doing anything to the guitar.
You took off the neck? Why?

Take all the strings off, and don't remove the neck, take the pickguard off, and start tugging on the wires in there to make sure it's not a loose solder joint, then take the jack plate off and check the wires there.
I know it sounds asinine, but is your volume up? If so, a wire probably came disconnected from your output jack.
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The first thing I'd do is take of the output jack plate and make sure both wires are still soldered on. Also, make sure the contact point on the jack is making contact with the plug. That's simple and doesn't involve removing strings to get the pickguard off.

If that doesn't work, remove the pickguard and look for a loose wire. My initial thoughts are that whoever had it last may have attempted to wire things together themselves and completely did it wrong because they have no clue what they are doing, so they slapped everything back together and sold it.

If it's wired correctly and nothing is loose, I'd guess a bad volume pot.
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It suddenly started working again, then I plugged in my tuner to tune it up and now there is no sound again. I checked the jack and all seems well, yes the volume was up.

I think the actual volume electronics might be broken, I'll take it to a shop.
remove the pickguard and check the whole circuit... you should check for opens mainly
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