So, I'm looking for a new guitar since I've outgrown my old hundred dollar axl guitar. This might sound all over the place, but here goes.

I play metal, lamb of god, killswitch engage,As I Lay Dying, bullet for my valentine, etc. I mostly play lead as well for solos and stuff.

My price range is at about 300-350 dollars. I'm willing to go to 400 for the perfect match.

Ok here's the thing, I saw a Schecter guitar that I wanted, but, it's a diamond series. From what I read on their website diamond series guitars are built from a bunch of different parts from other guitars? Is this true? Does it affect quality? Should I trust it?

Finally, What other guitars would you guys suggest for my price range and musical tastes?

Well first of schecter is fricken awesome. Just got myself a schecter bass (which is amazing) but i've also played plenty of schecter guitars and I really love em. So that would be my first suggestion for you lol, but if schecter doesnt work out for some reason I would say a Jackson in that price range as a second choice.
good luck
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My first electric was a Schecter Omen 6 FR, which is a diamond series. It's still my only guitar today, but it's very comfortable and I love it.
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I have a Diamond series Schecter Demon 6 FR. After having it for about a year I can easily say that it's quality is excellent. I haven't had any problems with it. To me it has the best neck for soloing it's nice and fast to me that is. It doesn't have a genuine Floyd it is a licensed copy and same as the active Duncan designed pick-ups but it still sounds awesome.
Ah ok thanks guys . I saw a used c1 hellraiser within my price range so I'm going for it .

thanks for the clarification with the diamond series as well.
Ya I got mybdiamond series c-1 hellraiser an I love the thing. It play's fast the neck and fret's feel great, I have the emg's in it which to me sound great. The quality of the guitar is #1, overall it's a awesome guitar for the money.
i just got the jackson kelly. im loving it. it was $349. guitar center has 15 percent off until monday on anything over $299.
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