I've got a Squire Strat, good condition and everything, but I'm just thinking how I can get a better tone from it but upgrading things (pickups etc...) Any suggestions on upgrades for it to get a shredding sort of tone for lead work. I also really like the clean tones so maybe some upgrades that'll be great for shredding, bit of blues and nice sparkling clean tones? Any help and suggestions are welcome. Cheers guys!
First, replace the bridge and nut, second, replace the tuners, third, throw some BKP The Sinners in there, four, rewire the entire guitar, five, have the neck fret leveled and polished.

After you do all those things, you'll have a half way decent shred machine...warning, you're gonna spend a lot of money on a cheap guitar, do at your own risk.
^ Pretty much exactly what he said. If the guitar's got 3 singlecoils ATM it'll be hard to have the kind of tone you want - they do make humbuckers in singlecoil size, though, so that might be worth looking into. Also, as ethan said, BKP Sinners are some really, really, REALLY hot singlecoils and would do the trick, but they alone might cost more than the guitar costs new (I don't know - you didn't specify which Suier Strat we're talking about here).

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^ Even a new set of GFS pickups would cost more than the guitars worth, lol, Squiers are worthless after you buy them, sadly.

Might as well go all out if you're even gonna try.

m guitar would go for $50 used (fender starcaster) but i still mod the P!$$ out of it
Squiers are routed for two, sometimes even three humbuckers, it depends on the size of the cavity. Replace the tuners, the pickups, and the electronics and you'll have a good guitar.
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