I was recently over at a friends house and we were jamming and I was playing his guitar. For some reason I could sweep pick way easier. Is there certain guitars that are easier to sweep? Maybe guitars with frets that are more spaced? He had an epiphone
What guitar do you have? I'd say it's most likely that it's all in your head.

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Maybe his action was lower, also fret spacing is all based on preference. That could very well be it.
It most definitely is NOT in your head, as I've noticed some guitars that I can perform sweep picking better than with others. String spacing is something that seems like a probable factor, as well as fingerboard radius.

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It's all about comfort. There is no guitar that is better for anything than any other guitar, but everybody is different and has different hands, and different hands react differently to different necks and guitars.

Obviously your hands like your friends Epiphone more than your current guitar. Consider that as a step toward finding out what guitar(s) is truly for you.
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Fret spacing probably doesn't affect feel too much, the actually difference in the fret width between a 24.74 and 25.5 neck isn't very much, unless you have small hands. The strings will be closer together on a Les Paul vs a Strat, but again, not really a huge amount. I'd say it probably comes done to action, neck profile, and string gauge more than anything, and string gauge is probably not very applicable either, but it's all preference There's also the pick that was being used to consider as well.