Hey this is Admortem, a melodic death metal band from the US. We have just finished recording our first demo, Last Chance. Though we have been playing our instruments for quite a while, we are fairly new to recording and ask you to excuse whatever poor quality there may be, and focus on the music itself. It has 5 songs and features a secret hidden track if you download it off bandcamp.

The Demo can be listened to and downloaded here:
(if you have a bandcamp leave a comment and we can recommend each others page)

If you like our music, do a favor by giving us your like on facebook. Thanks!

If you love the music you can download for free on facebook or bandcamp.

Thanks for your time, if you want I can check out your band for some C4C
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I listened to the first song, and I felt like I heard heard it before. But not in a bad, unoriginal, or plagiarizing way. Did you guys post on here a while ago, with worse recording quality? I swear I've heard this song on UG in an even earlier form.

I do like it though. The Ke$ha cover was interesting. It was surprisingly faithful to the original song, other than the vocals.
thanks for checking us out, ya I have posted it before on ug, I think I even remember you leaving feedback on it so thanks again. Ya the kesha cover is basically just the vocals lol.
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I know you asked to excuse production quality, but I'm really picky about that stuff. My apologies beforehand.

Wasted Life - Right up in my alley, high-pace symphonic melodeath. You had me headbanging through most of it. I will point out that the vocals either need a little more control on the vocalist's part and/or a tweak of compression, followed up with some gain and de-essing. Also, for the keyboards, besides the harpsichord sections, they sound rather mono. A stereo-mix of the string and choir sections will bring out the epic-ness.

I Die, I Die Alone - Sounds really sympho-black metal influenced, and I seriously dig that. Same issues with the vocals and keyboards. Also, something's up with the snare and toms in this one. A lot weaker compared to the former track.

Fool's Suffering - To be honest, I don't really know what to think about this one. Not to criticize, but it feels as if you tossed random ideas together. Keyboards and vocals sound killer on this track, much better than the prior tracks. However, I've got the same issues with the drums, and the guitars seem to have lost some power as well. Bass mix is pretty high, might be drowning out the guitars.
Sorcer - Symphonic Death Metal

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Thanks man for the crit, I might be able to fix it up some more now. Though the keys are all stereo, and NOT just the same track doubled one panned right, the other left. I thought I used the same Eq and compression on the drums in all the tracks but, I'll check to be sure. On Fool's suffering, it was an older song I had written, my friends wanted me to fix it up some, so i used midi rather than Di on my keyboardist's synth. As well, as my vocals have improved with more practice, for I re-recorded them on this track more recently