I just need a general direction or a few lines or suggestions thrown at me so that I can continue. In a nutshell, I'm writing a song about never being on stage before with an actual band. From the way I've started it it sounds almost like really nervous stage banter. Here's what I have so far:

Hey, look at me!
Cuz I’m up on stage!
I don’t know what I’m playing.
And I don’t know what to say.

Hey, look at me!
Cuz I’m up on stage!
I’m singing what I’m feeling
And girl I’m kinda feelin’ you.

Both are verses are unfinished. It's a quicker-paced ska song for reference. Thanks, UG!
I'm not quite sure
What to do with myself
But I'm ramblin like crazy
But you could probably tell

I guess I'm not alone
Well tonight is a first
they say that 3 is a crowd (or however many are in the band)
Well one was a curse

Haha there's my two bits, so what do you want this song to evolve into in the end? a funny song? a song about not being alone anymore? Just kind of a song to break the ice?