Hello UG,

I'm currently writing an instrumental. I have an idea what it should sound like, and I already have the main ideal of the overture in the beginning. However I have the idea, but I can't seem to beable to replicate it on Guitar. I understand music theory (Not like the bajillion rules of harmonizing chords, but enough). Do you guys have any tips on writing an instrumental (If you wish to know the style of the instrumental, then you could compare it to "Elephant Man" by Mastodon, or Steve Vai.
Go to a quiet place. Close your eyes and concentrate. Hear the song. Let it become strong in your head. Start humming the song. When you can hum it, pick up the guitar and begin the process of finding the notes and transcribing them.
tips on writing an instrumental?

1) dont have an obvious chord progression, it makes for a repetitive listen
2) dont solo for 5 mins over 2 or 3 cleverly linked chord patterns
3) be as interesting as possible / have a good balance of melodic and technical sections
4) try to not follow typical song layouts (intro verse chorus verse ect.)
5) (this is just a personal thing but . . . .) try to re-incorporate riffs into other sections, by this i mean having one riff say just after the intro and then re-use (i use that term lightly) a section of that riff later on in another, kind of like reminding the listener of it.

Like i said the last point is just personal because i like the idea of a section being able to become a thousand different things by leading one idea on to another, if you get me haha

Anyway hopefully this will have helped, even though 90% of it is opinion haha
Wrong forum. Please use Musician Talk, Techniques, or the Recordings forum as a respective area from now on when you're not posting any lyrics, poetry, prose, stories, etc.