Hey guys! I'm only knew here some bear with me

I have occured a huge problem when I'm tremelo picking, it seems that when ever I pick continuously up and down on one single string the pick seems to get stuck between the string.

The best way I can describe the problem is, it's almost as if the picking movements coming from my right hand has become so small that it causes the pick to get caught between the string string, unabling the pick to free itself.

Now to resolve the problem I have tried everything I could possilbe think of, from changing the angle of the pick, to making sure that only the tip of the pick comes in contact with the string, but still as of now I have not found a solution to the problem.

I should also point out that I have had this problem for over a year now and I truly I feel that I'm beginning to run out of ideas at this stage.

Any ideas guys would might be the causing this?
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Take your pick and begin to pick continuously down and up on one single string, using as little picking motion as you possible can, that should give you an idea of what I meant.
just try doing wider movements, man.

but not so wide though, since doing this may decrease the speed, do it just enough to dont **** up the sound.
make sure your picking hand is really light. just hang it there to where it feels free and make as little movement as possible. Make sure you are using just your wrist NOT the elbow or your two fingers. All of the motion is concentrated in the wrist. Getting the speed up isn't the hard part, what is hard is keeping each pick on beat since the pulsating action of the wrist tends to be hard to control. Try watching some videos of it on youtube or something so you get a better explanation.
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It sounds like you're using your arm and not your wrist to me or have too much tension.