So here's a more serious song I suppose. And this one might actually end up getting recorded cause a friend of mine wants to get me and some other guys and turn it into an all out metal-ish song. I say "-ish" cause I don't want it to be too heavy.


Can't you see

That we're creating a storm

From the blood that we bleed

We look out the windows of our bomb shelters

Only to scream

I didn't ask for this

I try to live my life on land ran by man

I can't get any help

Cause no one understands

Now please tell me

That you have a heart

I'm broken, I'm let down and burnt

But the bullet holes are what really hurts

It's still too close to home

Even if they make war across the sea

Swimming through this bullshit

Makes it really hard to breathe

Tell me I'm wrong

You say this land is blessed

Disown me now

I can live somewhere else for less

With bodies dropping as quick as the heavy fire

Bullet shells and funeral bells

Ring out all at once

Do you think we'll ever tire

and give in to what they want

or do we still think we're fighting for what's right

if that's the case

surely we are liars

and we're all lost until we die

cause only then can we know

We're taught all kinds of things

but only death can tell us where we go

To be stuck in purgatory

Hoping our judgement goes well

Hoping that heaven exists

And that there's no room left in hell

and i'll sit by my brothers

who wait by side

we'll sit and discuss the world

just to pass our time

and if we run out of things to talk about

we'll explain how we're broken and burnt

our thoughts about our families

but how the bullet holes are what really hurts