Hey all,

I think I will be purchasing my first guitar soon, and want to purchase a distortion as well. The sound that I am looking for is alternative/emo/pop I guess. A few bands that I am talking about are Armor For Sleep, All Time Low, Cartel, Forever The Sickest Kids.

Here is an example of the type of sound.

Any help? Looking to keep this pedal under $100 if possible. Thanks! If it matters I am thinking about purchasing the Agile AL-2000 left handed.
Hmmm... seems like a fairly standard rocky distortion sound, I assume you're planning on getting an amp as well as a guitar and in that case if you shop around you should be able to find an amp that can do that kind of sound without spending too much. That would save you the hassle of putting pedals in the mix
Boss Os-2. It's pretty versatile.
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no point in worrying about a distortion pedal until you get an amp. whether you even need one will depends on what amp you have. worry about this first and then see if you even need a pedal.
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Have you looked at the MXR Distortion III? Or maybe their new(ish) Custom '78 Badass Distortion?

EDIT: Or a Rat. Rats have a stupidly wide range of distortion, from extremely mild bluesy overdrive to thrash metal.
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