I ordered myself a Pod HD 500 (I'll try to do a NGD, but idk if I will have a camera )

But here's the thing:

Earlier in the summer I talked to my dad about me working to get money to go off to college with (to pay for extraneous costs; laundry, food that isn't provided in meal plans, fuel to drive around town, etc) an he said that he was totally fine with me buying the pedal, but i knew he wasn't really paying attention or caring at the time

Recently, I talked to him about ordering said pod, an he was vehemently against it, saying I need at least $2000 USD to go off to college with... here's the kicker I WILL HAVE ENOUGH CASH TO BUY THE POD AND HAVE OVER 2000 leftover

But once I offered this bit of knowledge he still is refusing to let me and is saying that it's no different from the Pod XT live I currently have (which he forced me to buy used, and has a broke power jack so if I disconnect it from the pedal I'll have to take it in to be repaired )

Because he basically was changing the deal from what he initially said, my mom said to just go ahead and order it, because it's my money anyway...

So... I have a pod hd with an accessory of woop-ass because my dad still doesn't know... Suggestions?

Also, how easy is it to make the Hd series sound good effects wise? And are the effects super subtle, or way in your face like some of the XT series ones?

Thanks for any and all help, and sorry for the rant!
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thanks for making an old dude feel like his advice is actually taken into consideration
Listen to your dad, return the expensive modeler that you don't need, and save up some cash so that when you do graduate you aren't blowing stockbrokers to pay off your student loans.
Dude... grow up. You've gotta be what... 18? You make the decision, shit you should know how much money you'll need. I'd just buy an amp...
dont tell him? unless he's checking your guitar gear all the time i dont see how he could possibly find out other than seeing the box, etc.
Dude if you're over 18 who gives a shit what he says. Its your own damn money.
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