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Simple: Post the worst injury you or your friend has suffered in a pit, mosh, or wall of death etcetc.. you know what I mean.
Extra points for photos!
Peace Sells...
someone stage dove and kneed me in the face when i saw all shall perish

edit: i also got kicked in the nuts at cage the elephant.
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Let's just say the kind of music I like generally doesn't involve pits or pit related happenings.

Although one time, some dickhole punched me in the neck at a festival. The band playing was either a pop-punk or reggae band (can't remember which). Hardcore.




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One time I was playing football with some friends in the park and I sprained my ankle by tripping while walking to get the ball

EDIT: Whoops! That doesn't involve a mosh pit
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I lost my shoe and got my toes stepped on. That was pretty bad.
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Thanks to someone elbowing me in the mouth in a wall of death, my jaw is nearly a centimeter to the left. Pain felt good, man.
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someone stage dove and kneed me in the face when i saw all shall perish

edit: i also got kicked in the nuts at cage the elephant.
Would you recommend Cage The Elephant?

I really like that tune, Shake Me Down, but I saw them at Glastonbury and thought they were a bit.... rubbish to be honest.
One friend of mine got a broken nose at Devil Driver, and my cousin split his eyebrow open and needed stitches at a local hardcore show. I had to go to hospital for nerve damage after a Trash Talk show, but nothing really came of it, and i just couldn't move my arm for a few hours.
When I saw Machine Head (supported by 4 other bands) a few years ago, the floor was under a few mm of beer, water and **** knows what else so I went down in a circle pit and got stampeded by a guy in new rock boots. Had a nice big ass bruise on my spine, and was out cold for the last half of Imperium and most of Aesthetics of Hate
On the upside, I woke up at the back of the arena with 3 paramedics and a rather attractive girl who had apparently helped pull me out of the pit. Spent the rest of the set moshing with her, good times
I've passed out and started like, convulsing before. nothing too bad. except the med staff was CONVINCED that I was on drugs. but it was just because I hadn't eaten xD so I had to spend $12 or so on dietcoke and a ****ing soft pretzel and they had to call my parents before I could go back to the crowd. (I was 17 at the time)

I mean, I've seen people carried out on stretchers at slayer concerts.
I went to music as a weapon with chimaira and some guy got knocked out and they had to do CPR in the middle of the pit.
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i feel lucky, the worst ive had from any moshpit is some pretty bad bruising and feeling sore the next day
inb4 not doing it right
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I had my heart broken.

Girl I was seeing at the time was making out with her ex about 2 rows in front of me.

Split my knee open once and received 24 stitches and 5-6 internal stitches (look them up...).

Funny thing is...

Straight after I got them removed, it split again to induce a further 6 stitches + 3 staples. -_-
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When I was really young I got kicked by a horse, in the mouth
My jaw never healed completely.
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I got cancer in a mosh pit once.
Is it hot in here??

This one time in Dubai.....

Saw a guy dislocate his foot or something. It was basically twisting around the wrong way.
Some guy punched my friend when he saw Slayer. My friend beat the shit out of him.
I flattened some guys nose and knocked him out simultaneously. In the pit, don't lead with your face kids!

The worst injury i've had was a small tear in my rotator cuff. Some fat fuck was crowd surfing and landed on my head, tried to push him off and he fell away to the side.

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I had my heart broken.

Girl I was seeing at the time was making out with her ex about 2 rows in front of me.



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I went to see Becoming The Archetype last year and I got whipped in the face by a headbanging dude's dreadlocks
Dreads actually hurt quite a bit - lethal weapon

Lol dude..I saw them 2 days ago.....tiny show..only like 30-50 people.....the moshing was crazy good...fourtunatly I was one of the biggest guys there and didnt get injured too bad...but they were great man!
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I had my heart broken.

Girl I was seeing at the time was making out with her ex about 2 rows in front of me.


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My ex did the same. Cheated on me and then acted like I'd given her sister a facial. Women are retarded.
Haven't had any injuries yet. Although when I went to see the Manics, someone fell backwards and drove a lit fag into a woman's eye. Serves the bitch right for being louder than the supporting band.
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The plan was to drink until the pain over.
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
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Some asshole elbowed me in the side of the head during the wall of death at a Lamb of God concert.
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I slipped on an ice cube and got covered in boo boos.

Sorry, but you're going to have to go back to Weenie Mosh Juniors
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i personally havent had any injurys from a pit but a friend got a broken nose from a hardcore dancer, and i know numorous other kids that have gotten hit bad my them.

IMO hardcore dancing is more dangarous than circle pits, moshing or wall of death.

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I got Caught in a mosh once...

pun intended...
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I never really go in pits at bigger shows (like when I've been to see Megadeth, who are the only heavy band I'd ever pay to see consistantly, or when I saw Judas Priest or whatever) because I go to watch the band so I always get there fairly early to stick front row.

But at local gigs, because my friend's fairly into the local metal/nu-metal/metalcore scene the whole venue is pretty much a pit, I've come out with a few bruises before, one time I was the focus of the pit (the problem with having a douche hair cut at a metal gig, no matter how much you may or may not like the music, if you base your style off John Mayer you will be a victim ) for a few songs.
But mainly it's injuries I've sustained...mainly accidental, but occasionally people who don't quite understand what a mosh pit is (the people who think metal is just angry music where people beat each other up) just get punched in the head so they back off.

Sure it's a dick move, but one slight bit of head fuzziness is better than loads of people getting someone punching everything that moves (and as there's a surprising amount of females in my local metal scene, it could end up to these people getting destroyed by angry boyfriends). So I like to think I'm doing them a kindness.
I stepped on a bit of sheet metal once. It didn't right through but it was poking up the skin on the other side...

Edit: to clarify, it was at a local gig at my uni. I had no idea who the hell put a serrated bit of sheetmetal on the oval...
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My dick fell off

Unlucky. My anus fell off. I feel your pain.
Is it hot in here??

This one time in Dubai.....

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