I was watching tge foo fighters tonight, and noticed the guitarist uses a vox ac30 and a fender bassman. Are both amps always on and complement one another or is one engaged with set distortion pedals etc?
could be either. i use a carvin vt50 and a peavey valveking, carvin for cleans, valveking for drive
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This is just speculation, but based on those two amps in particular, I'd assume that they're being used simultaneously to complement each other, in which case, he'd be running his pedals into both.
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there are lots of uses for multiple amps. the classic combo of a fender for cleans and a marshall for overdrive is fairly common. some people use multiple amps at once to get their own signature sound.
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He also uses a Peavey 6505+ for his gainy stuff. I think he blends the Vox and the Bassman for his Clean/Low gain tones.