I really wanted a synth for a real long time, but we had some financial struggles, and now things are seeming a bit more stable, so we can finally afford to get me a synth. I want it basically so as to improve my knowledge of music theory.

Problem is, the choice of synths here is very poor. Basically everything up to 1000$ grand are Yamaha synths, so I've been thinking of perhaps getting a used synth from ebay, so my choice is already a lot wider.

Now I know I can't expect too much from a cheap synth such as this, but it's just for learning. So I'm open for recommendations on good synths price/quality wise that I could possibly obtain for ~200 bucks used, since I have no idea which synths are worth looking up.
Do you just intend to learn keyboard, or do you want to learn to program synth patches, etc.?

Because keyboards and synths are not the same, nor does one have to have the other.

For learning synth, there are plenty of computer programs, even free ones that are great for learning.

For learning keyboard, get something with weighted keys
I want to learn keyboard.

Also saving up more is not a good option, because saving up even 200$ would take quite some time for me (1 year or more) and I want to start learning ASAP, because next year will be important school wise and I won't be able to dedicate as much time to learning to play.
You're not gonna get any kind of synth for $200 unless you go used. Sometimes you find old Korg DW8000s for $200 on eBay or Craigslist. They're pretty underrated, really. They're hybrid synths, digital oscillators with analog filters.
if you want to learn how to play keyboard go to like cash converters and buy one for $10
Get a software synth if you just want something to play around with and learn keys. You'll save a shitton of money and have access to more sounds.

M-Audio has controllers in that price range. So does AKAI. You have many options as far as obtaining the software.
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