Ayoo whats up8] -----Im new here, and need your help ...hopefully before i end up damaging some merchandise=/

Sooo right now im pretty ..contempt? apon owning a VOX AD100VT combo and a mid 90's? Marshall JCM900 [model 4101/100w dual reverb] ..its a combo as well btw. However, although the vox [valvetronix] is ..theres really nothing like that warm/wholesome/natural sounding blanket..?ahaha you recieve from a tube amp.[well...not always.. its up to the player as well yako] That being said, im sure you and i both hear almost of a ''lacking'' type of sound when a single speaker is compaired to ..a set of two speakers.

Ive been just thinking if theres a way that my tube combo...can be ran somehow thru the 2x12'' speaks of my vox..id get a depth and fullness that will just not be created through one speaker alone.

****any donations will be accepted and will be guaranteed towards a cab.****
Well, I guess first it would depend on the ohm rating for both amps.
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can i sumhow run my jcm900 [combo] thru my vox? use it like a mini cab ya no

ohms are equal. ijust feel the marshall isnt up to full potential. if it was played thru the vox the overall sound wud b bigger.
use the slave out on the JCM and go into the FX retun on the vox it will use your marshall tone stack and speaker, but let the power amp of the vox push the 2x12's also.
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