So I'm pretty much new to the whole idea of personalizing a guitar and I've just been tinkering around and adjusting my piece.
What is everyones opinion of the strings' height off of the fretboard? How much difference does it make?
What.is your preference and why?
I personally prefer pretty low action, actually lowest possible for my guitars to avoid fret buzz. Having too high action makes the instrument harder to play, imo. You should just change your action and try what fits best for you!
yeah I pretty much agree with miio. As a rule of thumb try and get your action as low as possible without getting fret buzz. You should gauge this with the hardest pick attack you regularly use. Made the mistake f lowering action using some of my lighter picking and when I tried to do a harder strum everything buzzed like a mother ****er. so just keep that in mind. Low action generally makes it easier to press down the strings.
i agree with the above. some players claim that a higher action improves tone, all depends on what sort of tone you want i guess.
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