My current guitar is equipped with a set of EMG-81/60. However:

1. I want to swap the 81 with an EMG-85. The question is, is it possible without any soldering? Is is plug-and-play? I have a gig next week so it has to be done really fast.

2. Which if these pickups would deliver better clean tones: the 60 or 89? The 60, which I have installed, is not that bad, but I'd like to have something more versitale. It's not really important, I just have the chance to buy an 89 for a low price and idk if I should go for it or not.

If its a new-ish EMG it should have the quick connect cable, meaning its just plug and play.

I haven't tried the 89, but I think the 60 is better for cleans, from what I've heard.
If I remember correctly, the recommended setup is either 81/60 or 85/81. I'd assume then that you'd wanna go 89/85, unless I'm completely messing up. Anyway, I'm a Seymour Duncan Blackouts fan. I find Blackouts have better cleans and less interference, which means I sound better clean and with distortion.

You may at least wanna check out Blackouts before you go spend money on new EMGs.
+1 for blackouts having better cleans. They don't break up as soon as EMGs do. And it's only worth getting the 89 if you plan to use it's coil splitting ability
I would prefer 89 over 60 for the coil splitting (if you'd use it)

You can switch the 81 with the 85 no problem if it is a newer model. Its what I did!
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No. I hate SD, sorry. EMG suits me best. And I find 85 to be awesome at the bridge position. The cleans are not that great on it, tho, that's why I need the neck pickup.

As for the setup, I want to go either 60(neck)/85(bridge) or 89/85.

buying the 89 is just a bonus option because I found one for a really low price.
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60 is the best pickup EMG make IMO.

Keep that in the neck.

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