Found this guitar in the attic of a friend.I need to know what guitar is this.
please help.

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EDIT: you can rotate it and zoom in it, if you click it and visit imageshack.
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An old ass one...
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It's so dirty that it hardly even looks real.
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Probably a Teisco or another one of those countless Japense imports from the 70s.

yes, thank you.
this guitar was bought in the 79-80's.

It was bought in the ex communist Romania by the father of my friend, he frogot to tell me what brand it was and I won't be able to talk with him soon.

any others ideas?
That's most likely a Soviet-made guitar then. Some of these were actually fantastic guitars, but I'm not keen on the brands or what models were keepers/collectors guitars.
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Clean it and find out how good it is. Brands don't matter. Sound does. Sper ca intelegi