Exactly what the title says, we are looking for a singer and two guitarists to complete our line up. Our sound is like Breaking Benjamin mixed up with A Day To Remember. So pretty much hard rock style with breaks and heavy choruses that make the song, with some hardcore elements added to it like breakdowns for example.

A little bit about me... Both me and the drummer are 19, I've been playing bass for around 3 years now and the drummer has been playing for almost two. I have transportation so if you need a ride I can pick you up.. I'd rather if you have your own transportation though. I have a studio in my house with some pretty solid gear. I'm doing some songwriting but i'm not the best lol. I could write some amazing riffs for like 10 seconds of a song... then be clueless about what to write for the rest of it xD So being good at songwriting so we can all help eachother out is a big plus.

Now about what we need from you...

Singer: Someone who can do clean vocals very well and be able to stay in the right key. Screaming is a bonus during breakdowns or something but it's not necessary. I have all the equipment you need so you wouldn't have to bring anything.

Rhythm/Lead Guitarists: This actually goes to the singer too... Right now it's just me (bassist) and the drummer... we aren't the best but we aren't the worst. So skill level isn't a problem... just make sure you know how to strum a guitar lol. Other than that all I have at my house is two pedal boards. It would be awesome if you already have your own cab and head... but if not we can run you through the pedal board into the PA for now.

And finally, we do plan to make it big eventually. We are serious about this, and we would want you to be too. Everyone should be chill with each other. Having no drama is key for a band's success. **COUGH if you like to play video games, you're pretty much in xD COUGH** Once we get some songs written for a demo or straight out with the EP we can record them at my house instead of dishing out a couple hundred at a studio. I have a couple years of pro tools behind my belt so I can assure you we would be getting pretty high end quality results.

Anything else you wanna know or if you're interested, shoot me an email: xvi_pr0ph3t_ivx@hotmail.com [:
Gah, if only I lived closer! I would be all over this! I've been trying to get a band going for AGES
Yeah... most of the people would be from craigslist... but I figured I'd try on here too >.< It would be helpful if they organize it by location xD