I have been recording guitar amps by placing 1 mic on 1 speaker. However the guitar amp has 2 speakers.

Can the second speaker thats not mic'd cause phase cancellation of the other one>?
I guess it depends on the mic you use, if it's Cardioid it shouldn't be an issue, also mic placement will make a difference
I have been placing it very close to the speaker, never realizing the other might cause cancellation.

I was using an sm 57
Well 57s are pretty directional so shouldn't pick up a great deal from the other speaker anyway

You could try angling the mic off axis on the speaker you are recording so more sound is rejected from the other speaker, this should prevent or at least minimise cancellation
if youre using an SM-57 and it is close to the speaker cone you will be completely ok.

edit: and i say so because a 57 on anything from single speakers to 4X12's has been a staple in recording electric guitar since.. the beginning of time. Phasing problems only really occur when youre using more than 1 mic anyway... peace:
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thanks for help

I was just asking because his guitar sounds like its in a tin can. Im guessing its the room thenp
shouldn't be a problem:
1) sm57 is directional
2) sm57 is dynamic and doesn't pick up much past it's immediate recording area
3) guitar amps are mid range. mid-range is reasonably directional. most of the sound from the adjacent speaker will be shooting straight out past the amp, not sideways toward the sm57
4) any non-linearities produced by the second speaker will be far overpowered by the non-linearities of the sm57 itself. the sm57 does not have a flat frequency response at all.