Im reposting this piece for online documentation purposes, ease of access, and a backup file incase of Flash/Hard drive failure. Because most of my GP files are on a flash drive, which has been filled with white chocolate and doused in Pepsi. It's amazing it still functions.

I shortened it slightly so its a bit more active throughout the piece, and added more markers. The story should be viewed as a horror movie, and the song as it's soundtrack.

I've tried reworking this song, but it doesn't work in a way that keeps the original feel, so its essentially the same as the original post from around a year ago.

It is C4C, although I will not be actively looking for crits, and It may take me more time to get back to yours. That being said, I will crit back.
JazzDeath (Jazzy Tech Death).gp5
It wasn't even me that spilled the Pepsi, it was my brother.

Although the white chocolate was my fault, for some reason I had a Hershey's Kiss in my pocket with my flashdrive, and it melted all over into the input.

Edit: Just bought an 8 gig Flash.
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The 'lyrics' if thats what they are? Im assuming so are kinda cool.
Bass is solid. Especailly the solo at the begining.

Some of the long guitar chords get.. well long after a while. I feel like this song is missing a more upbeat riff or like something. But mostly good. I like the chord progressions.
Sorry, should've elaborated on the piece in the OP.

Markers are not lyrics, they just tell a story of whats occuring. The chords in this piece do seem to become rather static, although a recording could possibly fix this. This was also one of the very first pieces I wrote, so... Yeah.
all i will say regarding that is that it is completely and utterly epic
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your opening harmony is very static, id recommend adding some more changes or some different voicings at least to ease the repitition. love it when the heavy section comes in. some great technical passages, reminds me of death/cynic. im dying to here some 4/4 at some end. experimenting with some polyrhythms over a quarter note pulse might provide certain sections with a release of rhythmic tension. C4C?