Hi again. I'm currently debating heavily which guitar to buy, still.

Keep in mind my playing style is varying a lot. I like to relax with some nice jazz / blues, but I also enjoy rocking hard with some AC/DC and Metallica.

So I've found this Electromatic, and this Studio - and I'm having a hard time picking which one of them.

Gretsch G5122 Electromatic: http://www.musicstore.com/en_EN/EUR/Guitars/Semi-acoustic-guitars/Gretsch-G5122-Hollowbody-DC-Walnut/art-GIT0013182-000

Gibson Les Paul Studio: http://www.musicstore.com/en_EN/EUR/Guitars/Electric-guitars/Gibson-Les-Paul-Studio-P-90-WC-Worn-Cherry/art-GIT0016442-000


Also is it possible to do another finish on top of the Worn Cherry one? Like take the guitar to some tech and pay them to make me a finish?
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If you play a lot of styles, I recommend the Les Paul. Because you can play just about anything on it.
i think malcolm young played a gretsch hollowbody so i guess you can get kinda that ac/dc sound
i've got one of those electromatics, just with the single cutaway. it's a great guitar
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The 60's Tributes in Gold Top look sweet. Better actually than the burst version due to the lack of binding. New Tributes are going for $850 US here in North America.
Moving on.....
For that price, I'd try and find an Orville LP/SG or epi Elitist, both of which would be better than that studio.
As someone who has owned a G5122DC, it is super awesome and I wish I still had it. I've never played the Studio Gibson, because most unbound LPs look cheap and weird.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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Look at the 60s tribute models for a les paul with p90s, honestly I'd stay away from the faded studios because a ton of people complain about the stain wiping off on their hands and clothes. The painted studios are fine it's just the faded ones you've gotta watch for. The gretsch will do you fine too though, so between the 2 you posted I'd pick the gretsch, but I'd go with a 60s tribute over that.
if youre looking forthe signature les paul tone, that made the guitar famous, you wont find it in studios because they are chambered
every gibson usa les paul model is now chambered except fr the tradtional/trad plus/trad pro/etc.

custom shop its a diff story though
Well a Traditional will not happen any time soon, too thin wallet at the moment - haha. Any Les Paul models that are swiss-cheese'd? Beside Traditional / Standard(?) and custom shop.
I own a Gretsch 5122. I like the Gibby LP studios, personally, never found anything wrong with them, though I'm not a fan of the pickups.
The 5122 is a great guitar, very light, feels nice, however it's huge, which might be annoying at times.
However, it sounds very good, much better than you'd expect from a guitar at that price. I get amazing cleans and a very very good distortion tone with little to no feedback. However, I don't play very heavy music and don't know how it would suit AC/DC, but using my fuzz pedal, I can do some muse with no problem.
If it helps, I also have a Gibby SG, and like the SG better for the feel, but the Gretsch pickups sound much better.

edit: In my honest opinion, the chambering doesn't make such a big difference in the sound. However, it does feel lighter, so to me, chambering is a big plus. I also have a '77 Ibanez LP that isn't chambered, and at the one gig I played with, I changed guitars after a single song because I found it too heavy to jump around comfortably.
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How about this one? It has Humbuckers and ACTUALLY got a case with it, lol. The color black also looks nice, in my opinion, unbound.


imo one of them would be best suited to what you want to play, by quite a long way. I have a worn cherry LP studio with humbuckers (not much different from that, spec-wise) as well as a gretsch 5120 (single-cut version of the 5122), and the gibson is just in a totally different league, quality-wise, and the tone is just superb for all the styles of music and bands that you listed.

the gretsch on the other hand has quite a distinctive tone that is an aquired taste for just about any style of music really, and the stock pickups aren't really best suited to heavier stuff imo...

one word of caution when buying a gibson, though - all their individual guitars are different regardless of the model. you'd probably be best off buying one from a shop so you actually know what the guitar you're buying is going to be like before you buy it - otherwise there's just no way you can possibly know what you're getting and could end up with a perfectly good guitar that you just don't like very much...
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
Problem is I live in Norway, and everything is really overpriced here - to be honest. Only way to make any profit is to travel to America and get a guitar there. The amp, guitar, and one pedal will cost me around ~+1500 dollars. And that is the Studio SE, Peavey Vypyr amp and a distortion pedal from BOSS. I'm really not sure what to do. I'm mainly ordering from musicstore because it seemed cheaper, but in the end another 25% at VAT is a lot.

Thanks for the reply, though. I'll try out a couple of guitar when I get back home from vacation.