I'm not proud of it, but the other day, I was in my local Daddy's Junky Music. They had a Fender Jazzmaster in the corner (MIM, don't know enough about the serials to tell you whether it was one of the reissues), and after plugging it into a '65 Double Reverb they had on display, I was absolutely blown away. With guitar, I play primarily Post-Rock, Jazz, and Space Rock, and after running through a few licks, I found myself utterly infatuated with the rich tone of the P-90 style pups on this baby. Maybe it was just an illusion of the amp, but I felt like that guitar was one of the best sounding/feeling instruments I've played in a long while. Don't really have an extra $800 to drop anyways, so I guess it's back to my ART100.
Am I alone here? I'm certainly far from proficient in recognizing quality guitar tone, but I was just amazed by the sound I got.
Jazzmasters are great guitars, especially for the kind of music you play.
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I got a CP Jazzy about a month and a half ago (which, based on how you said it was MIM and $800, is definitely what you played), and it's just perfect for me. Well, the pickups could use some improvement, and I've seen some cool alternate wirings for the Jazzy that I'm somewhat interested in, but it's perfect otherwise.

By the way, Jazzmaster pickups aren't P-90s. Not even close. They look slightly similar, but they sound completely different.
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I'm not proud of it

What's there not to be proud about? You played a nice guitar and loved it. If other people don't like the guitar that feels right to you...f*ck 'em
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Have you tried other guitars through the same amp?

Yeah, a few Gretsch Hollowbodies, some Epiphone Les Pauls and a Fender Strat, all of which sounded greatly inferior to the Jazzmaster.

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By the way, Jazzmaster pickups aren't P-90s. Not even close. They look slightly similar, but they sound completely different.

I was referencing aesthetics there, I don't know much about the actual construction of the pickup.
yup just do what you can to come up with the cash for it and don't apologize. jazzmasters aren't for everybody but then what guitar is. if it has the sound and feel you want then that is the guitar to get. don't worrry that it's not cool etc just let the music do the talking.
I own a MiM Jazzmaster and I got it for $450! I was blown away by the beauty and playability of this guitar and knew I needed to have it. It does have some buzzing issues acoustically but I haven't had it properly set up yet. Anyways... It is a great guitar.
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I love Jazzmasters, but also cannot afford one. :/

This. I would love to be able to afford a Jazzmaster right now.

But if you really like them, save up and buy it like the other guys have said. It's well worth it when you're finally able to afford it.
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