Stumbled upon this today and thought it was pretty föcking hilarious so I though I'd share


So I'm under the impression that this is not a joke and that he made this to help him win an election of some sort. Anyone know if he got elected?

This man must be either extremely stupid or delusional if he thinks that this is even remotely decent.
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'Merica is a messed up place. If you would publish something like this in the Netherlands you would get laughed at. In fact you would probably be the biggest joke in political history.

Even the party for the well being and civil rights of animals put up a better campaign than this.
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Archie's "New Crusaders" welcome former "Iron Man" and "Batgirl" artist Alitha Martinez as regular penciler to bring definition to the series action-oriented world of the nascent heroes.........
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The beauty in this fiasco of a comic is that it is retaliatory to him being found guilty of felony money laundering charges.