I would set the output of my distortion pedal instead of my amp, into my headphones?
You would blow your phones, because of the impendance/ohms. Also, there is no preamp/poweramp for the guitar, so the sound would suck, if any sound at all.

You have a chance of blowing your headphones, but more than likely, you'll hear your guitar through your head phones. It won't sound that great, though.
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Okay, well I'm not going to push my luck with Sennheisers =D
thanks for the quick answers
You won't “blow your headphones”, that's ignorant rubbish. The signal being output by distortion pedal isn't remotely near that strong—they operate off a nine volt for Christ's sake. People used to run distortion pedals right into their home stereos to avoid buying an amp. Some pedals even have cabinet emulation just so they can be used with headphones or run into the mic in on a computer.
A nice pair of Sennheisers can hold up to almost anything. I wouldn't be concerned. Also, I just noticed that a pair of Skullcandy earbuds on my desk have an impedance of 16 ohms, and my amp puts out a minimum of 8... I think you'd be in the clear.
Well the sound wouldn't be good, I'm not entirely sure you'd get any sound.... Now I want to try this with my MXR distortion!
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tried this with a hot head, yeah, got crappy sound , and also only out of the left headphone :p