What are the better books to read to improve my lyric writing? I have never really written lyrics before, and now that is my main assignment for a band project me and a few friends just started, and I'm doing my own acoustic project and will be writing for myself as well.

I would imagine style would have some affect on this decision, so the band project with the friends will be more hard metal, but my solo project will be more like Brand New.

All suggestions are appreciated. I read the rules and didn't see that this wasn't allowed, so if it isn't then please forward it to where it should be.

EDIT: Depending on how busy my work schedule is going to be for the next month, I'll either be doing basic law enforcement training or I'll be taking a few criminal justice classes and a creative writing class(just to help improve my lyrics, but it will count as an English class).
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i would suggest reading the book CANDY (if youre a boy, or if youre a girl) LUCAS. the book candy gave me the inspiration to get a few songs in my head.

jus an idea, take it if you want.