These are all covers by me, and I've worked quite hard on them. However they're not high quality covers, as I see some are. They're normal covers, so to say.
Soon leaving to Bulgaria for 20 days, so I'd thought I should let people tell me how to improve. I am currently activily uploading videos to Youtube, and I'm still not that familiar with my movie editing program, so you may notice either lag or somewhat similar..
Anyway, I'm quite new to the UG community, and I'll try to blend in. Post some advices on techniques if I see any threads and post replies to the other covers.

Zenith, by Daita. By far my favourite!

From Jizo With Love [地蔵より愛を込めて] by Shinichi Kobayashi
And for those who wonders, yeah. I've bought four of his guitar magazines, and they're all worth it!
/You'll notice some lag, idk why.. It was my second time using this video editing program, so.. Meh, idk.

Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) from the Guilty Gear X2 game. This is my recent cover. :3 This is the reason I chose to upload it here.
The book in the background, Ulysses by James Joyce.. Well, I advice you not to read it.

I accept any criticism, so bring them all, if I get any that is(considering you reply at all. x) ).

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!