I have an Ibanez RG420, 14 year old guitar but still in great shape despite the wear on it from being genuinely played.

But my problem is, my low E string and D string, makes a buzzing sound when I strike them, and its not fret buzz! I know what fret buzz is, and its definitely not it. I was tinkering with it, and I found out that the buzz sound or the sound that prohibits the E or D string from clearly ringing, is my damn bridge pickup. I don't get it. It's never happened before since I've had this guitar. When I fiddle with the pickup in its pup cavity, and move a bit with my finger, the buzz goes away for a bit, and it comes back randomly.

I just had to take it all apart a week before to replace the springs in the pup cavities that allow me to raise and lower it, installed new trim covers or whatever they are called, and it still happens and pisses me off. Any suggestions?

And its not the strings hitting the pups either, its like the bridge pup vibrates with the E and D string.

Thanks guys.
Try taking it to a luthier - sounds like the pup isn't as tight as it needs to be, maybe.
try replacing the springs with rubber surgical tubing. I have that problem with my bridge pickup too, it's a bitch and a half when playing at high volume cause it feeds back like hell. if that doesn't work, stick some foam under the pickup.
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The same thing happened to the neck pickup of my ibanez. Is it INF? I replaced the pickup and the mounting screws a couple of days ago and I've had no problems since then.
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See if the washers on your tuners are loose. Loose washers can cause mystery buzzes.