Sorry if this is in the wrong place:
I couldn't find a thread on this by using the search bar and i thought the Accerssories forum would be the place to go for this question.

Anyway, pretty soon i will be needing a Hard Case for my guitar, but, i don't know anything about the size differences in hard cases.

So, do guitar cases come in 'general' sizes?
For example my Ibanez RG350 & Shecter C1 Lady Luck are both based on the 'Strat' shape but they have certain differences (but nothing too majorly different) , doe's this mean i can get one hard case that could hold both of these guitars? (individually obviously).
Or would i need to get another case because the shapes are not spot on identical?

My only problem with finding this out myself is the local guitar shop only supply soft cases and the information on the web isn't particularly what im looking for.

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help me, and sorry for this incredibly nooby question.
You could just order an Ibanez hardcase of their website. And most of the cases on GC online and other places tell the type of guitar it suits
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just make sure you get a strat type case that has enough clearance for the length of your guitars, you should be fine. Ibanez makes some really nice fitted cases for their RG's that run for like $100 or so.