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ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe in white with hard case-$600
16 64%
ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe in black cherry brand new-$849
4 16%
Schecter A-7 Elite with hard case-$400
0 0%
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 in white with hard case and Peavey Vypyr 30-$500
5 20%
Voters: 25.
Hey, I'm stuck between a few guitars and I don't know which one to choose!!! help me out!

ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe in White with hard case- $600
ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe in Black Cherry Brand New- $849
Schecter A-7 Elite in black with hard case- $400
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 in white with hard case and Peavey Vypyr 30 amp- $500

I know the LTD's are just cosmetic differences but I don't know which to choose. I've played all of them and their all equally comfortable to me. Which one do you think is the best deal? I play metalcore, metal, hard rock, etc. Bands like Asking Alexandria, ADTR, etc.
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just looked at your amp, and saw one choice had an amp in it. You already have nice guitars, why not get a nice amp now? It makes a hell of a lot more difference than a guitar. Just sayin'

but out of those I'd get the EC in white
I chose hellraiser with vypyr....well, because its a nice contradiction to your cube and has alot better distorted tones than the cube IMO. The cube beats it at cleans though.

You didn't really give us enough info.... What kind of music you play, guitars you think feel the most comfortable etc. Then we could match it up with the ones you mentioned.
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Id go with a esp i play BMTH,Asking alexandria,agustburnsred "metalcore" hahaha i know a shit ton of bands use either the ec 1000 or m1000 it basicly all comes down to which one you think looks better...asking alexandria uses ec1000s so yuup
on second thought, i would look into spending the money on an amp. i don't mean to be one of those jerks who says that to everyody, but you have got a solid guitar lineup.

i would pick up an amp for that cash, you definitely IMO need a better amp than you do another decent guitar. as it is with modeling amps, you aren't really even getting full potential out of your guitars.

but if you want a guitar, i would say pick up the used LTD. there is no sense paying that much more for a new one, as long as it doesn't need a refret or it is beat to hell.
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For a little bit more (like $900-1000) you can pick up a Peavey 6505 half stack on craigs list. You really don't need another guitar. Even if you want one, there's not a whole lot of sense in getting one that's either a side step or downgrade from what you already have, which is what all of the options in the poll are.

If you don't want to spend more than $850, you can get a Bugera 626X half stack for like $600 or so.

Or if you don't want a half stack at all, there's combo versions of both of those amps.
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Im also going to say upgrade your amp if you have a solid guitar already. But out of those id say ec1000 in white. Wish i could have got the deal i got on my hellraiser on a white one, but it was the only one they had so i had to go with black cherry.
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Gosh, no-one gave you bad advice. My amp isnt good enough, but I bought another guitar. I think some people like guitars more than amps. I vote for used over new.