I'm thinkin bout getting a guerilla massacre either 7 or 8 string but i dont know which pickups to get with it. I've heard different things about active and non active pickups but which is best for metal. Thanks guys
Actives are good if you don't often play clean. Theyre better for heavy distortion. Passives are less of a hassle and a lot more versatile. Try out some guitars with active EMGs and see if you like the sound.
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If you are getting a high end guitar I'd say go with passives as the tonewood will be more apparent in the overall tone. With metal you don't need actives to get a heavy as shit tone, the best metal tones out there use less gain than you probably think, and if you appreciate versatility passives are better hands down. I used to prefer EMGs when I was using LTDs, but once I graduated to Ernie Ball and Ibanez Prestige I really began to appreciate passives and the level of response you can get from them. It's also handy not being reliant on a battery in a live context.
The guitar Im looking at comes with active EMG's so maybe ill go with that and get a passive pickup too in case I don't like them. I was always weary of the active's because I don't wanna go through battery's so much doing gigs. I can pick between Duncan Blackouts, EMG's, and Bare knuckles war pig, nail bomb, painkiller, or aftermath. Which ones would be the best decision.
Out of the pickups that you've listed the BKP Aftermaths are most versatile and are very tight.
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I don't wanna go through battery's so much doing gigs. .

Active pups don't drain battery as often as you think . Just unplug the cable from the output when your not using it. A pair of AA batteries (amazing isn't it..AA!!!!) last me well over a year, maybe 2, on my ART300 with somewhat regular use (1 hour a day).
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