I have a Jackson DXMG, and a fender frontman 25r. I am buying a amplifier, and i don't know what to get. No tube amps because they are expensive, and fragile with the tubes. No stacks because they are expensive, and really heavy.My budget is $350. I want to buy an amp which i can use when i form a band, and to practice at home. I play mostly heavy metal, and hard rock(Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Maiden). I am not sure if i should get a modeling amp or a normal SS amp. If i get a modeling amp i am probably going to get a wah pedal to go with it because i almost always hate the auto wah. Also i will get a foot switch for when i need to switch live. If i get a normal amp i am probably going to get a multi effects pedal, or some single effects, to go with that. Also which modeling/normal amp should i get.
Peavey Vyper 75 would work and be portable.
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I suggest trying out a Peavey Bandit 112. I'm currently using one as a practice amp (don't get me wrong this thing is still loud) and am getting some pretty killer tones out of it.
If you go for the Vypyr, then get the foot pedal, too. That will let you control the wah.

Personnally, I think you'd be better off saving another $150 or so and getting a POD HD500 and just playing it through your current amp. When you form a band you can plug it right into the PA until you can afford a good tube amp.