Alright everyone, just wondering if anyone had a tab available for Love Spreads by the Stone Roses that works with the slide. All the rest of the tabs on here are good but abit awkward in relation to using a slide and none of the have the solo section or extended rhythm parts.

Also just as a random last note, i heard the other day that Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis was tuned up to 445hz rather than regular 440, can anyone confirm or denie this for me, it's of no real interest just one of those facts i wanna know if it's right or wrong.

I can't really help with either, but I like both bands.

Isn't there piano on 'Don't Look Back...'? It'd be awfully silly to tune up against a piano like that.
Huge fan of Oasis, and at one point owned Stone Roses' eponymous album.
Both amazing bands.
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