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37 42%
Johnny b Goode
33 38%
18 20%
Voters: 88.
Poll on the way guys,

I wanted to get your feedback on this.
Me and my friend were arguing about which intro is better between
Johnny b Goode or Layla.

I think johnny b Goode...

What do you guys think?
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Layla. I've always found Chuck Berry ridiculously overrated. Maybelline is the only song by him I kind of like. Plus Layla features Duane Allman, so it gets extra points.
I like chuck berry's intro better.
But the intro can get pretty boring as he uses it in most songs but variates it a little bit.
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Layla B. Goode.
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Layla. Cuz my doggeh's called Layla. However, Clapton should keep his mouth shut and just play the guitar instead.
I gotta say, Fred Durst is the better frontman.
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The Johnny B. Goode intro was "stolen"/borrowed w/e from an old jazz song or something - so don't you come here and tell me it's generic.

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkQWv18Trw0 From 1946.
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Johnny B. Goode and Chuck Berry in general practically paved the way to rock and roll as well as blues-rock, but I prefer Layla's intro.
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The acoustic version of Layla was crappy and terrible, so Johnny B. Goode.

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you sir are wrong... but you are entitled to your opinion, so go ahead and say what ya wanna say. for me tho, i cant compare the 2. best intro ever? lady grinning soul by bowie
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Johnny B. Goode's intro beats Layla's down to the ground... Isn't this obvious?

Although I would still say the actual 'riff' for Layla is a big contender of being the greatest ever.
I vote for the Layla outro. I turn the station when Layla comes on and turn it back in time for the outro.
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you sir are wrong... but you are entitled to your opinion, so go ahead and say what ya wanna say. for me tho, i cant compare the 2. best intro ever? lady grinning soul by bowie

Yeah, I don't really believe that. It was just more acceptable to me than him thinking that Layla was shit in general.
Got to be Layla, i love the way that intro riff repeats and builds, from rythm, to the first lead guitar, ten the intro mini solo/high up riff.

Im not a great Chuck Berry person, i find the Johnny B Goode intro a bit average
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