Hey guys, its been a while.

I've somewhat neglected my bassiness lately, but I got asked to fill in for a bassist, at a Latin/Cuban/Salsa concert. Its in a weeks time, so I have plenty of time to prepare, but I will be seeing the music and meeting the other musicians for the first time, at the gig.

First off, I have only a tiny bit of experience of this genre, such as the walking bass, and chord extensions that are used sometimes, but little else.

What advice would you give me, throwing myself into a style of music that I don't know much about?

This can include advice on tone, feel, or anything that you think will help me finish this gig, and not look like a total loser.

Cheers guys,

I love being latin

Anyway, alot of the music is about feel. Remember this type of music is the type of music you dance to. It has to be very bumpy and very round. It's found alot at parties and get togethers. I don't know exactly what type of salsa you're gonna be playing, but for the most part, dance is a huge part of it.

As far as tone goes, you can be sure that most bassists in this genre will practically cut treble away completely. It's all about a big fat warm tone. Not to mention most bassists will use a 5-6 stringed bass, so they can reach the extra lows and highs if they are needed. Boost alot of your lows and mids, you're going to need them.

Listen to Carlos Santana as a reference, mostly his early stuff. Stuff like "Oye Como Va" or "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba" are good examples. Lots of bass, not alot (or none) of the gritty treble stuff. You have to really groove, and it's really fun music to play and perform

EDIT: Also, using your thumb to pick can help alot with achieving the tone. It's almost like an upright bass tone (which alot of artists will also use as well).
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^ everything he just said. listen to some chic corea to get some feel.
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